ClipCrateTM Your Ultimate Solution for Shipping Success!

ClipCrateTM is the innovative, reusable shipping and warehousing solution, designed to maximize storage space, provide enhanced cargo protection, eliminate product waste and deliver significant cost savings.

clipcrate collapsible


ClipCratesTM collapse to only 230mm tall, providing you with compact and efficient storage and cost-effective return shipments.

clipcrate reusable


ClipCratesTM are totally reusable, so in an age of rising packaging and waste disposal costs, ClipCratesTM are an environmentally sustainable solution.

clipcrate cost effective

Cost Effective.

Because ClipCratesTM can be used again and again and your precious product is undamaged the initial investment pays for itself over time.

clipcrate stackable


ClipCratesTM are stackable on top of each other or can have other freight stacked on top. Maximum flexibility with no damage.

clipcrate accessible


Easy to load and easy to access! ClipCrateTM contents can be loaded and accessed from the top or sides by removing the desired panel/s.

clipcrate ergonomic


ClipCratesTM when disassembled can be easily transported or moved around inside warehouses with confidence.

clipcrate space saving

Space Saving.

Every inch of storage space counts! ClipCratesTM knock down when not needed, clip back together when required – super simple.

clipcrate built strong

Built Strong.

ClipCratesTM can hold up to 1200+ kgs. of product and withstand up to 4500+ kgs. stacked on top of them.

Brand it.

ClipCratesTM Can be branded with your freight company profile or contacts. Ask us how!

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