clipcrate reusable


ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates can be used again and again because of the robust and durable method of construction.

We know that ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates are an ideal way to protect of timber resources. The plywood is made from renewable and sustainable supplies and that means less timber waste – that’s got to be good for our planet. ClipCratesTM will last many many deliveries and out perform other pallet and packaging options

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clipcrate flat packed
clipcrate space saving

Space Saving.

Storage in most warehouses is at a premium – so any space saving can add plenty to your capacity to house more products or goods. ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates do just that.

Whatever your business, ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates will knock down and stay out of the way, freeing up valuable space. Designed to stack flat or across shelves, they are ready for a return to sender or pack another load out to another location whenever required.

Collapsible wooden shipping crates


ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates collapse to only 230mm tall and stack easily for storage or cost-effective return shipments.

We manufacture ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates to be easily disassembled and then lie flat, which makes transporting back from a delivery much more cost effective. Being collapsible in a matter of minutes, ClipCratesTM save time loading and unloading in any location.

ClipCrate stacked sizes
clipcrate stackable


Our sets of ClipCrate sizes complement each other when stacking to multiple heights.

Stable, robust and easily accessible when in use or disassembled, ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates are made to last and be used time and time again. Create damage free transportation with confidence.

clipcrate built strong

Built Strong.

ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates an hold up to 1200+ kgs. of product and withstand up to 4500+ kgs. stacked on top of them.

A grade materials ensure a quality result that’s why we use premium 18mm plywood resourced from renewable plantations. Our clip hardware will work tirelessly for the lifetime of the ClipCrate and if at anytime they get lost or… the unthinkable, damaged – we can replace immediately.

clipcrate forklift side

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clipcrate front open
clipcrate accessible


ClipCrateTM contents may be accessed even when fully loaded and stacked simply by unclipping and removing a side panel.

Unclip one side, even if stacked, and you can access the cargo inside freely and safely. All ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates come with a stackable pallet which is a key component in the clipping together of the unit.

clipcrate ergonomic


ClipCrateTM wooden shipping crates when disassembled, can be easily moved around inside warehouses with confidence.

Handling of these crates is easy compared to normal crates. The flat packed ClipCrateTM is more than 75% less bulky. It can be strapped and handled as one or as individual panels reducing the bulk and weight. The flat-packed crates can be packed into a considerably smaller vehicle for transport.

When loading your ClipCrateTM, if your load is bulky and heavy then it can be lifted on to the base and even strapped down before placing the side panels and lid.

One person can assemble and disassemble a ClipCrateTM in a very short time, under a minute for a smaller one. There is no need for any tools for assembly and only a simple lever, such as a screwdriver or the lever supplied to disassemble.

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