Plywood Products.

The cheapest, high-quality plywood in Auckland

ClipCrateTM Plywood.

ClipCrateTM  is uniquely positioned to supply Auckland businesses & ‘DIYers’ with new, high-quality plywood products at affordable prices –  well below the competition.

As an importer of various international plywood products for manufacturing our own products, we also currently stock and sell melamine glued plywood with a pine finish, in sizes 2400mm x 1200mm and in thicknesses of 9mm, 12mm and 18mm.

WBP Rated.

All of our plywood is WBP rated, or ‘Weather & Boil Proof.’  This rating means that our ply has been batch tested against a timed exposure in boiling water without delamination.

This is because of the special melamine glue used in the manufacture of the plywood. While this doesn’t mean these plywood products are waterproof or marine grade, the WBP rating and glue composition means that it will not easily delaminate when exposed to wet or damp conditions.

CDX Rated.

Our plywood is ‘CDX’ grade. This is economically graded plywood for increased strength and the most commonly available product on the market.

The meaning for you, as the customer is:

  • The plywood is strong and durable.
  • The plywood has a ‘dress face.’
  • C – One side of the sheet is C grade – the average surface.
  • D – The other side is D grade – possibly with small discolouration’s or patches.
  • X – Exterior glue has been used to bond the sheet board together; it will resist moisture for a period.


ClipCrateTM has designed a range of standardized noggins for the protection of utilities within Steel Clad Framing and other interior work.

Interior fit-out companies and trade staff waste time and money cutting and rebating noggins down from plywood. ClipCrateTM has done the work for you in bulk, with accurate machine cut dimensions.

Our pre-made noggins are designed for 600mm (593mm) framing with a one-sided rebate. They come in 150mm, 300mm and 500mm sizes.

Please note: If you have a requirement for nogs of a custom size for your project, just let us know and we would be happy to provide a free quote.

    ClipCrateTM Limited.

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