Reduce your companies waste with sustainable shipping crates.

The Packaging Problem.

Single use packaging is standardised across New Zealand industries. This is a linear model that generates thousands of tonnes of waste annually. Traditional, single use packaging typically comes in two forms:

  • Timber shipping crates – Generate large quantities of timber waste after one use.
  • Pallets (wrapped and strapped) – Generates a steady stream of timber, plastic and cardboard waste each time they are made, used and thrown out.

ClipCrateTM is a Circular Solution.

ClipCrates are reuseable packaging designed to last years and years.

Each time a company reuses a ClipCrateTM, they are designing waste out of New Zealand’s economy and diverting that tonneage from landfills.

Any ClipCrateTM can be repaired to further increase their lifespan and also recycled for salvage once they eventually expire.

An Industry Example.

A large proportion of aluminium extrusions are shipped in single use packaging.

A standard case used for the shipping of aluminium is prepared using 12 kgs of timber and 5 kgs of cardboard.

A single industry leader ships around 300 cases daily. This amounts to 3.6 tonnes of timber and 1.2 tonnes of cardbpoard daily. Annually, those numbers amount to 972 tonnes of timber and 324 tonnes of cardboard.

This is just one company’s waste in a very large industry. Across all industries the amount of waste produced from single use packaging is prolific.

ClipCrateTM End-of-Life.

A critical part of our plan is a return, recycle and replace programme for our product.

ClipCrates circular model is make, use, return and repeat (supported by repair throughout). At end-of-life crates can be returned to ClipCrateTM where they will be deconstructed. Clips and inserts will be recycled into new production and serviceable timber will be salvaged, resulting in the sale of a replacement crate if required.

ClipCrateTM will accept all returned crates at no cost, saving your business the cost of disposal and allowing us to recycle the product.

ClipCrateTM Limited.

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